GUERRILLA artists have decorated a tree in a Stroud park with foil, bunting and an old fur coat.

The artwork has been created in Bank Gardens, with bits and pieces being added throughout the day.

A large tree has been wrapped in aluminium foil and there is a faux fur coat hanging from one of the branches.

Bunting has been strung across the tree and a traffic bollard has been covered in foil too.

Foil has also been draped over the wall and is covering part of the tarmac road surface on Lansdown.

The letters 'OWN' have been sprayed on the bunting and foil.

OWN, which stands for 'occupy without notice', is a project created by 11 BA Hons Fine Art students from the University of Gloucestershire.

The group have been handing out notices about their project in which they explain they are experimenting with ideas about space.

"What is ownership?" is one of the questions posed in the leaflet.

OWN will be giving a talk on Saturday at 4pm, the venue is yet to be confirmed.