Ann Widdecombe won one of three seats for the Brexit Party in the South West of England, despite the overall vote share tipping in favour of remain parties.

The Brexit Party took 36.7 per cent of the vote, but combined results show remain parties the Lib Dems and Greens with 41.2 per cent of the vote in the region.

The Liberal Democrats (Martin Horwood and Caroline Voaden) took two seats, with the Green Party (Molly Scott Cato) taking one.

James Glancy and Christina Jordan also won seats for the Brexit Party.

The Conservatives lost more than 20 per cent of their support in the region.

Of the remain parties, the Lib Dems were up by more than 12 per cent while the Greens were up by 7 per cent.

Boris Johnson's sister Rachel Johnson, standing for Change UK, did not win a seat.