The scone survey continues vigorously and what an opportunity it offers for enjoyable research.

The pronunciation of this delightful accompaniment to tea or coffee is however happily settled. It must always rhyme with ‘John’.

The other way is deemed pretentious and reeking of snobbery.

For the first time ever some research took place in the press box at Forest Green Rovers football club.

This is a renowned centre of wit and wisdom but never before has the quality of Cotswold scones been discussed.

The general feeling that The Lavender Bake House and café in Chalford produced fine scones as well as other delights.

Chalford spreads like an octopus over hill and vale but this charming café is easy to find. It is at the bottom of Cowcombe Hill.

There was an attempt to draw me into the debate over jam and cream and to give my opinion on which should be applied first. I declined.

This is a matter for those living in Devon and Cornwall. County identity is special and offering a view on this controversial matter would be an unwanted intrusion.

Research will continue until well into June.

This county is blessed with so many attractive eating venues that Mrs Light and I and the rest of the team are enjoying the task. We do not want to miss out on any likely contenders.

Reports are currently favouring garden centres with special mention being made of Dobbie’s Garden Centre near Cirencester. The restaurant there has been re-furbished and comments are being made regarding its new look.

The arduous research being done is made easier because both of us are retired, although Penny is still involved in her church ministry.

She can have the last word.

“For many years I dreamed of retirement and our scone search is fulfilling that dream,” she said.

“The purposeful visits being made to such wonderful places have a completely different dimension to my working life in Hackney.

“I am so please I married you!”

That says it all folks!