READING the gargantuan letter by Chris Goldie on the A to Z of woes surrounding Cirencester’s multi-story car park (SNJ letters, May 8), I hope I won’t be criticised any more for over-long letters.

Indeed, I was inspired to compose a far shorter version, focusing on what makes our small Cotswold town of Stroud such a wonderful place.

A – Artistic

B – Bucolic

C – Community-centred

D – David Drew

E – Extinction Rebellion

F – Farmers’ Market

G – Green

H – Heart-centred

I – Inclusive

J – Jay R, rest his soul

K – Kaleidoscopic

L – Love-centred

M – Marjoram-loving

N – Non-conforming

O – Open-minded

P – Polly Higgins, rest her soul

Q – Quakerliness

R – Radicalism

S – Sub Rooms

T – Transition Town

U – Uniqueness

V – Valley-views

W – Welcoming

X – X-factor

Y – Yoghurt-knitting

Z – Zero-carbon-here-we-come.

And what’s all the more wonderful is that everyone’s A to Z list of the wonders of Stroud would doubtless be very different.

Richard House