CONCERNED residents who want to stop 5G internet coming to Stroud due to radiation fears are holding a public meeting.

Last month, a group of Stroud residents launched a 'Stop 5G' campaign due to their growing concerns about the implications of the new technology.

A public meeting takes place on Sunday (June 16) at 7.30pm at Lansdown Hall, Stroud, which will include a talk from 5G authority, Joe St Clair.

A spokesman for the campaign group said: "5G broadband is coming to Stroud as early as this July without any public consultation or evidence of the health and safety implications. In particular, this will be of huge concern to the many thousands of people suffering from EMF intolerance and sensitivity, which is now formally recognised in Sweden as a severe medical condition.

"There is mounting research evidence from thousands of peer-reviewed scientific papers on the subject of exposure to high radiation. This research suggests that 5G frequencies harm all cellular organisms, including trees, plants, insects, birds, bacteria and human beings.

"Particularly worrying is the fact that, due to the way 5G frequencies are transmitted, it requires the deployment of thousands of new masts and transmitters that are currently being installed in towns and cities across the world, enhanced by the launch of many more satellites. This 5G technology will be rolled out in Stroud without any proper independent research in relation to the likely health effects, and without any public debate or democratic consultation."