Hats off to our MP for focussing again on the myriad follies of the Javelin Park incinerator (Opinion article by David Drew, June, 5).

He is right to say that the prime concerns relate to health, air quality and the wider environmental impact (for much more, have a look at crowdjustice.com).

I will just comment on the final visual impact.

As a first year landscape student in Cheltenham some 50 years ago I learnt very early on that to make an object 'disappear' in the distance it should be dark in colour, whereas light colours stand out.

Even if inexplicably proud of such a monstrous white elephant, how a self-respecting designer could make such a basic error as to use huge areas of near-white and that pale green found in cheap industrial units, and for that to somehow survive the planning process, is beyond me.

Geoff March