I felt it was now time to visit the Weighbridge Inn as there has been a lot of fuss surrounding their famous two in one pie.

Tucked away between Nailsworth and Minchinhampton, the Weighbridge provides a secluded and inviting place to enjoy a peaceful lunch and drink.

I felt like I was there at the wrong time of year as this would be the perfect hideout during the cold winter months.

It's a cozy place and quite compact but with two floors, there's plenty of space either side of the bar - which spans over two rooms.

A friendly welcome brought a family feel to the venue and I was quickly seated and it wasn't long before I was in the vicinity of the famous two in one pie as the couple on the table next to me were both tucking in.

Was that a sign of everything I needed to know about the pub's famous dish?

A glance of the menu wasn't required but having done so, I knew this place was not your ordinary pub.

The 'build a burger' also caught my eye but the pie simply had to be sampled.

A large pie will set you back £14.95 while the 'mini' version costs £12.50.

Some may say that £12.50 just for a pie is a little steep but don't let the price put you off.

A bit about this famous pie then.

It has been served at the Weighbridge for more than 40 years.

Half of the bowl contains a filling of your choice, topped with the pastry - I went for Steak and Kidney but Steak and Mushroom, Chicken, Ham and Leek, Turkey and Trimmings, Roasted Root Vegetables and Creamy Fish with Dill Sauce are also available.

The other half is filled with home made cauliflower cheese.

With just a few mouthfuls, I knew why this pie had the reputation it did. Think Betty's hotpot on Coronation Street in terms of reputation.

The pastry on top melts in your mouth, such a perfect blend with the creamy cauliflower cheese.

Added to the steak and kidney filling which was rich and tender, this proved to be one delicious lunch.

It was a meal in itself. No sides are required - even with the mini-pie.

My stomach was certainly satisfied - I now felt that £12.50 was great value.

I will certainly be revisiting, I feel like I've been hooked to this pie.