A FARM in Painswick is offering yoga classes in a field full of alpacas.

Tibbiwell Alpacas is located on a smallholding overlooking the Painswick valley, and is a great spot for relaxing yoga sessions.

To make the experience even more special, owners Sandra Randle and Dawn Dart have decided to run the classes in the same field where they keep their alpacas.

They say their alpaca yoga classes are the 'perfect combination for total relaxation'.

Sandra Randle said: “Alpacas are nature's meditators and spending time with them is known to release the happy hormone, oxytocin.

"Combine this with the healing power of yoga and you have the perfect combination for total relaxation and a full recharge.”

Alpaca yoga sessions are taking place on their farm on summer evenings.

Robin from Bliss Yoga leads the classes, which are suitable for all levels of ability.

Co-owner Dawn Dart said: “The alpacas are likely to wander amongst our guests and might have a little sniff.

"We like to call this an alpaca kiss.”

Sandra added: “You really can’t grasp the impact of spending time with alpacas until you have tried it.

"Alpacas are something special, they make you stop and just take time to watch and breathe.

"Combine this with Robin’s amazing teaching style, the reconnection with nature in the outdoors, no tech and who knows we may have a number of people sleeping in the field by the end of the session.”

Yoga instructor Robin said: “I was thrilled to be approached by Dawn and Sandie to combine yoga with alpacas.

"I’d never been with alpacas before and then I went to the field and it all became clear just how much they would add.”

For further information on the sessions contact tibbiwellalpacas@gmail.com