A 30-YEAR-OLD Stonehouse father has been jailed for six years this week for raping two women friends.

Andrew Dawson, of Boakes Drive, pleaded guilty at Gloucester Crown Court on Tuesday to raping the first woman at Stonehouse some time between May 31, 2005 and August 1, 2008.

He raped her friend, also in Stonehouse, on September 15, last year.

The Court heard how the first rape was committed during sex which began consensually.

Prosecuting barrister Tara Wolfe said: “She told him to stop but he carried on.

“Subsequently the defendant begged for forgiveness and could not stop crying.”

The second incident – nearly ten years later – occurred after the defendant, the first woman and her friend were having a party in a hot tub, the court was told.

“They were all in swimming costumes and were very intoxicated,” said Ms Wolfe.

The victim went up to bed but Mr Dawson followed her.

“She told him no and urged him to stop but he carried on for about a minute.

“The victim did not consent to the sexual touching or to the intercourse.

“He told her afterwards that he was sorry and that everyone makes mistakes," said Ms Wolfe.

In a victim impact statement, read out in court by Ms Wolfe, the first woman said: “I feel so vulnerable and my whole life has been destroyed.”

The second woman said: “I no longer trust anyone and I want to cry every second of every day.”

His Honour Judge Ian Lawrie QC told the defendant “You clearly have scant regard or respect for women, especially when you are in drink.

“You saw an opportunity and you took it.

“You chose to ignore both women saying no and these offences have had a significant emotional effect on your victims.

“But you have shown deep regret and genuine remorse and were remarkably candid in police interviews, which is very unusual in sex cases such as this.”

Dawson was placed on the Sex Offenders Register indefinitely.