Stroud's leading green entrepreneur Dale Vince was invited to Downing Street this week to meet with Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling.

Mr Vince was there in his role as creator of Britain's so-called Electric Highway, which provides electric vehicle charging at service stations across the country.

The Ecotricity founder was invited to the meeting which he reported, via social media, was to discuss EV [electric vehicle] charges.

"It was actually very interesting. I’m glad I went," he wrote.

It seems that Mr Vince wasn't initially enthusiastic about the prospect of the meeting, saying he had doubts as to whether the outcomes of the meeting would be acted upon, given that PM May will shortly be replaced as leader of the Conservative Party.

"Mrs May is trying to get some positive stuff done before leaving," said Mr Vince, adding, "Perhaps to leave a bit of a legacy, but three weeks isn’t very long."

As Mrs May was unable to attend the meeting, Mr Vince will return to London to hear the prime minister speak on the subject next week.

Elsewhere, Mr Vince voted leader of the year at the 2019 BusinessGreen Leaders Awards.

The Awards, which commends the UK's most high profile green entrepreneurs and organisations, commented that Mr Vince "stood out for both his track record and a hugely impressive 2018."

The Ecotricity entrepreneur had "secured a series of landmark business accounts for Ecotricity, achieved vegan status for the company's power and gas, launched a new vegan food business, and continued to drive the development of sustainable football club Forest Green Rovers."