A GROUP campaigning to stop 5G technology coming to Stroud, have taken their fight to Gloucestershire County Council.

Stroud’s Stop 5G Group visited Shire Hall in Gloucester last week to hold a demonstration about its concerns over the potential risks that 5G may have on health and the environment.

Spokesman Richard House asked the council when it will be “informing Gloucestershire’s residents about the possible risks of untested 5G technology.”

In response, Councillor Patrick Molyneux confirmed that the council does have “a duty of care” to its constituents, but that the roll-out of 5G “has yet to come to the county.”

“We’re going to look at what we can do when the roll-out starts,” he added.

His reply received a mixed response from the Stop 5G Group.

“If negative health effects are caused by 5G, then those who have been urged to take action but haven’t, will be held morally if not legally responsible for any ensuing harm,” said Mr House.

“It was important that all 53 of our county councillors heard the issue being raised. It’s an issue they can’t ignore.”

Several worldwide cities including Brussels, Rome and Geneva have made moves to block 5G and a Parliamentary debate led by Stroud MP David Drew has called for more research to be undertaken into its side-effects.

“There is growing concern and it needs to be recognised and answered,” said Mr Drew.