SCAMMERS posing as pest controllers conned a Stroud resident out of money to sort out a rat problem.

Two men called at the man’s house, claiming to be certified pest controllers, and offered to help with an infestation issue.

There was a rat and mice issue in the neighbourhood, and so the victim believed that the men were genuine.

He said that that one of the scammers sat outside in a car, while the other, who was dressed in a suit, came to the door.

He believes they targeted a few houses in the street.

Stroud Neighbourhood Warden Matt Jones visited the man last week following the incident.

"They quoted the correct price for dealing with an issue of that sort, which made the men seem genuine," he said.

The men asked for payment in cash. The victim only had £50 cash on him, which they took as a down payment.

"They said they didn't have any poison with them, so took the £50 and said they would come back," said Mr Jones.

"It wasn't until they failed to turn up with the poison that the resident realised he'd been scammed."

"Please take extra caution in these situations. If you are unsure at the time call the police.”