PRODUCT designer Jono Taylor is the man behind the new co-working space, Spotdesk, at Stonehouse Commercial Centre on Bristol Road.

The Stonehouse resident, 40, had the idea after setting up his consultancy business four years ago.

“There is a fascinating wealth of activities operating out of Stonehouse, including many one or two man-band businesses operating out of spare rooms and coffee shops that could really benefit from a welcoming base such as Spotdesk,” he says.

In the early days running his business from home, Jono missed company and an efficient work/life balance.

“I quickly realised that working alone and keeping my home and business lives separate was difficult,” he says.

After experience working around the world in a variety of different office environments, Jono knew he wanted to create a positive, social yet productive working environment in which to base himself during his working day. “I’ve always found that bringing people together into a productive, positive space promotes conversations and a serendipity when seeking genuine connections,” he said.

Jono, who hails from Eastington, was on a walk when he spied an old workshop which once belonged to Share Tree System.

After lengthy negotiations with the landlord, Jono knew he had found his location for his new shared office space.

“The landlord eventually agreed to bring it up to a basic level, installing electricity and water.”

The effect is a loft style aesthetic that embraces exposed beams and original brick features.

“We’ve got potential to host workshops here too,” he says of the large open-plan room which includes a meeting room. “It’s a pleasure to come to work here everyday.”