An art exhibition displaying the collective works of Uplands Community Primary School at Lansdown Hall and Gallery is coming to a close today after welcoming "tons of visitors" and well-wishers.

The event, entitled Patterns of the World is a culmination of the school's Big Art Week which saw the children devote themselves to a whole week of creative classes.

The result has been wonderful pieces of work that demonstrate the children's creativity and teamwork, and which have been winning great applause from the town over the past three days.

Visitors to the Gallery are greeted enthusiastically by the children who take it in turns to greet visitors and encourage passers-by to step inside to view their creations. I was met by year 6 pupils Riley and Ben who were enthusing how much they have enjoyed the project.

"All last week was spent creating our work," Ben says. "We had no maths lessons at all - just art!"

"We have made all these artworks just to show them off to everyone," adds Riley.

They take me inside to show a striking, multi-colour mobile that hangs from the ceiling.

The boys tell me it has been a team effort, as have most of the exhibits on display.

Next they take me to a rainbow-coloured collage of circles.

"This combines science and art," continues Ben. "We used a mini motor attached to our pens to create the circular fan shape."

"It's a gorgeous-looking piece," chips in Riley.

Soon they are joined by their friend Ethan and together they show me how they created sophisticated-looking pattern designs on iPads.

Using an app called Amaziograph, they show me how patterns can be designed which had then been printed and used as book covers.

"The app makes things look really nice, really quickly," says Riley, showing me how to use the app.

"We got this idea from our visit to the Tate Modern in London," adds Ben.

In charge of the students is Mrs Sophie Tedaldi-Chestnutt.

"This is only our second exhibition, the first of which was held in 2017," she begins.

"We have had so many visitors who have kindly engaged with the children, agreeing to come and take a look inside at their work."

"It has also taken us by surprise the number of enquiries from visitors wanting to buy the children's pieces."

Mrs Tedaldi-Chestnutt and the boys hope to return next year for another event.

"It has been so popular that we have extended our finishing time until 4:30pm this afternoon."

The exhibition is open all day at Lansdown Hall and Gallery until 4:30pm.