THE community action group, Stroud District Action on Plastic (SDAP), is sharing advice on how residents can reduce their reliance on single-use plastic.
“It’s undoubtedly a worrying phenomena that many of the plastics we take for granted will never decompose or take thousands of years to do so,” says SDAP’s project coordinator Chloe Turner.
“Thanks to TV programmes such as BBC’s War on Plastic and Drowning in Plastic, the harm that the material presents to our world is coming to a wider audience,” she continues.
Now, SDAP are taking advantage of the worldwide Plastic-Free July initiative to challenge Stroud households to avoid buying products which are packaged in the material.
“Our focus at SDAP is to reduce the consumption and production of single-use plastics by using more sustainable alternatives and making better use of existing resources,” she says.
According to Chloe, it’s all about acquiring new habits when it comes to the products we buy; searching out retailers who can help break our dependency on plastic.
“Luckily, we have so many amazing local producers in Stroud from whom you can buy direct, as well as the many eco-conscious retailers who will refill your containers with the products you need,” she says.
With that, why not have a go at SDAP’s Plastic-Free July Challenge and do your bit towards cleaning up the environment?

Chloe’s top 5 tips:

SHOP IN STROUD: Try Cornflower & Calico (50 High St) for its selection of metal Chillies bottles in stock (see picture).

SHOP IN STROUD: Woefuldane Dairy sells its organic milk on tap at Henry’s café in Minchinhampton. (Also check out their nine organic cheeses wrapped in waxed paper).
Stroud Micro Dairy near Hawkwood sells raw milk and other dairy products; also look up Shiny Goodness in Nailsworth.

SHOP IN STROUD: For fruit and vegetables, take your bags and containers to Stroud Farmers’ Market (Saturday 9-2pm) at Cornhill Market Place, or visit the Friday market in The Shambles.
For online delivery, try Stroudco Food Hub, the online shopfront for the market, which puts together your order from the market’s many producers and delivers it to your home.
For dry goods, take your containers to Loose, Stroud’s dedicated plastic-free shop on Lansdown.
It sells grains, pulses, seeds and nuts, dried fruit, loose tea and coffee, oils and vinegar, plus some unexpected goodies such as whole cacao beans and chocolate buttons. (Loose also sells online through Stroudco Food Hub).

SHOP IN STROUD: The Green Shop in Bisley has a great range of natural and biodegradable household and personal, beauty products for sale; its staff will refill your containers for you.
A refill service is also available at the Stroud Valleys Project Eco Shop on Threadneedle Street, Strou; the profits of go to local nature projects.

SHOP IN STROUD: Stroud District Council’s website has useful information about what can and can’t be recycled at the kerbside.
For a great blog, visit SDAP group leader Claudi William's blog on living without plastic. Claudi’s comprehensive list of suppliers can be found here.
Try recycling centres such as Pyke Quarry, near Horsley or visit the Stroud Valleys Project website for info on what it recycles.
The Green Shop, Bisley also collects recyclable items.

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