A STROUD teenager has just left intensive care after suffering a brain injury while on holiday in Lanzarote.

Jack Deane, 15, of Uplands, flew out to the Canary Islands on Thursday, June 26 for a ten day family holiday in the resort of Costa Teguise.

But, just ten days before from his 16th birthday, the former Archway pupil had to be airlifted off the island, and taken to Gran Canaria for life saving brain surgery.

Yesterday evening, much to the great relief of his family, he was released from intensive care and his condition is slowly improving.

Jack's sister, Hattie Deane, 21, explained what happened.

"The family flew out to Lanzarote on Thursday, June 26, and by the following Monday, (July 1) Jack and my mum both had swollen foreheads."

In the case of Jack's mum, Deborah Deane, this was due to a condition known as 'sun poisoning'.

"She has had that before, and so we thought Jack had the same thing," said Hattie.

"We took him to the doctor who prescribed Naproxen for him."

But by the Thursday (July 4), Jack's left leg had gone numb.

"He tried to get it moving and then he went to sleep. When he woke up he couldn't walk.

Jack's family took him to hospital, where he was given a CT scan.

"By this time he couldn't move his leg and arm on his left side and he was put into intensive care.

"The hospital told us they said needed Jack to see a brain doctor and that they would have to helicopter him over to the hospital in Gran Canaria.

Jack was admitted to the Doctor Negrin University Hospital in Las Palmas, at which point his condition was judged to be 'critical'.

"My parents flew out there to join him," said Hattie.

"We were all so worried.

"He could have died there and then."

The doctors in Gran Canaria swiftly operated on Jack, going in behind his eye and nose, to remove excess fluid. They then drilled into his skull to remove fluid from his brain.

He came out of intensive care yesterday evening (Thursday).

"He's out of critical condition now, and he's on a normal ward, so we're all much happier," said Hattie.

"But if by the end of week the swelling has not gone down, they will have to operate again and remove more fluid."

Hattie said that Jack is slowly starting to get the feeling back in his left side.

"He still can't move his leg and foot, but he can raise his arm. We don't know yet if all feeling will come back."

Hattie has set up a fundraising page to help pay for expenses, and she said she has been overwhelmed by the response.

"I can’t believe the support we have received, it’s amazing," she said.

"We wanted to raise funds because the holiday insurance covers my parents' accommodation, but they've had to pay for flights to Gran Canaria and taxis to the hospital, which are quite expensive.

"They're both self-employed and are not earning while they're over there.

"The most important thing is Jack’s health, but we wanted to raise some money to help support them while they are out there.

"With any leftover money we would like to spend it on Jack when he recovers, as it is his 16th birthday on July 15 and he will unfortunately still be in hospital."

Donations can be made via:


There is a donation pot at The Fountain Inn too.

Hattie said the family are also keen to raise awareness of the symptoms of a brain injury, and let people know that it is something to look out for.