MANY people are saying that Sunday’s incredible ICC World Cup Final will inspire a new generation of cricket lovers in England – but I don’t think it will unless the sport is broadcast on free TV.

England’s dramatic victory had the nation enthralled, with people who have never watched cricket before on the edge of their seats. But how can we, as a country, translate this short-term euphoria into a long-term passion for cricket?

I enjoyed playing cricket at school but the sport never captivated me in the way that football did, and a big reason was access. Football was always on free TV whether it was Match of the Day or the World Cup, whereas cricket was locked away behind expensive Sky subscriptions. This is part of the reason cricket lags behind football and rugby in popularity.

I was among those who were mesmerised by Sunday’s final despite not being a cricket fan generally, and if the sport was free to view on TV, I would now watch and possibly discover a new passion for the sport. Many children will feel the same.