Farmers' Market news with Gerb Gerbrands.

There’s a bit of chaos in Union Street with the erection of scaffolding to do the rooves of the various shops meant we had to move the Forest Mushroom and Pippin Doughnut stall down John Street in front of the Saymor bed shop last week.

This was a temporary fix, however, and those two stalls will be moving elsewhere this Saturday. At this stage it is hard to know where they will be so be prepared to hunt them out. The scaffolding is up for four weeks minimum.

This week sees the return of Severn Spots for their monthly appearance and they have asked me to announce that they have a new website so customers can order their range of salamis, chorizos and snack sticks online at

The wonderful British soft fruit season is well and truly underway with everything you might expect available at various stalls around the market, raspberries, cherries, strawberries, red and white currants and gooseberries all available.

I had a potato salad last night (home grown potatoes!) of my own design which features eggs, cucumber, spring onions and carrots amongst other things.

As I was peeling a ginormous egg I felt it was time to give a shout out to the egg producers we have at the market.

Thank you chickens and thank you farmers!

Overton Organic eggs, Naite Farm eggs, Newark farm organic and Jonathan Crump all have chicken’s egg which are as fresh as possible, some even ‘laid today’, and full of flavour.