Eastington Farm Shop has been five years in the making and opened on Thursday amid much excitement and support from local residents.

Ed Spencer, a fourth generation dairy farmer at Middlehall Farm on Bath Road, has opened the retail store with his partner Hannah Clarke.

The store’s opening, located in one of the barns, comes 10 years after Mildenhall Farm and Veg shop was closed by Ed’s father Nick Spencer and step-mother Sue.

"We are thrilled to open the farm shop for which we are endeavouring to source everything as locally as possible to sell alongside our own home-grown fruit and vegetables," said Hannah.

"The majority of our vegetable are seasonal and British-grown, there is no plastic on our fresh groceries and we are trying to work with local businesses to provide them with a local outlet," she continued.

In an endeavour to sell products without plastic packaging, Ed and Hannah are selling a number of dried goods from gravity dispensers.

Pasta, pulses, oats, raisins and dried apricots are among those items that customers can bring their own containers to fill up.

Moreover, if customers want to make an occasion out of their visit, Hannah is also on hand with tea, coffee and homemade cake.

Residents Hayley Turner and Lizzie Hammond were among shoppers who bought stunning sunflowers that are being grown on the farm.

"A real local farm feel with the chickens and calves just outside and a great selection of products, plus a sweet little gift section too," said Lizzie.

"Great to see lots of plastic-free items when making the move to reduce single-use plastic," she added.

"It has been a really lovely, positive first day," said Hannah. "We were very busy!"

The shop is open Thursday, Friday and Saturdayonly, 8-6pm.

Find Eastington Farm Shop on Instagram, Facebook or visit: Eastington Farm Shop, Middlehall Farm, Bath Road, Eastington GL10 3AY.