Her majesty the Queen is rightly admired, cherished and loved but the question must be asked if the royal family live in a parallel universe.

Prince Charles speaks as a champion of all things green and having concerns about global warming and pollution yet uses too many private charter flights when on royal duties.

This is not consistent behaviour.

Hopes that Harry and Meghan may bring some reality to bear on the favoured royal family have been dashed by their expensive alterations to their new home, a sum in excess of two million pounds.

Many young people that are struggling to get on the housing ladder will have winced at that.

In tough times is such spending wise?

I am using the recent Royal Ascot meeting to prove my point.

The Queen loves horse racing.

Good for her.

Her interest in the sport and her support of it is to be commended but the five royal processions we saw this year indicate an organisation that is self-indulgent and out of touch.

The Queen arrives at the head of a horse drawn carriage procession.

No complaints there, and rightly she is supported by close members of her family but over five days there is the chance for this much watched procession to show so much more than royalty.

Her majesty is proud to be head of the commonwealth, a truly multi-cultural collection of states.

Could some be represented at Ascot?

Her own kingdom is multi-cultural.

You would not know watching the carriages parade.

Those who currently occupy the favoured seats are all of the royal establishment.

National treasures such as Lenny Henry, Ed Sheeran, Gareth Southgate or Sir David Attenborough would enhance the gathering.

Faith leaders would enhance the gathering and if royal staff are there could we please see a cook or a gardener.

Mix it up please.

To see a head boy or girl from an inner city comprehensive school would be an absolute delight.

One has to ask, has anyone who has not attended a public school ever sat in a royal carriage?

The commonwealth and country are proud of you your majesty.

Could next the Royal Ascot show you are proud of us too?

Let your carriage procession reflect the talents of your realm.

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