Pupils at a primary school in Stroud are celebrating having collected a bumper harvest.

Severn View Primary pupils grow a range of produce and worked hard to prepare their growing beds before the start of the Summer holidays.

Year four pupil Scarlett Dupas said: "Everyone in the school gets to take part. We have compost monitors, plant waterers, teams to sow and weed and then pupils collect the harvest."

There is friendly competition too, seeing who can grow the most potatoes, the longest courgette and collect the most peas.

This year Logan managed to win the 'Potato Championship'.

"My secret was to use worm wee from our wormery. I collected the liquid and added it to my growing bed.

"It's done the trick! I had over 40 potatoes," he said.

Executive Principal Malcolm Drakes added: "Our bio dome facility enables the pupils to grow a wide variety of plants and crops all year round.

"It is a fantastic way for them to explore their understanding of science, as well as get all the mental health benefits that come from being outside and working in teams.

"Studies have found that the mental health benefits of gardening are extensive. Not only can regular gardening reduce mental health problems like depression and anxiety, but it can also reduce stress and combat high blood pressure, as well as improving overall physical fitness."