THIS photograph of Jewish refugees from Germany arriving in Stroud during WW2 appeared in the Stroud News in May 1939. 

Whilst researching the fate of the youngsters in this image, Chalford Parish Local History Group has unearthed a happy ending for one of the girls pictured. 

Annemarie Fleck, aged 13 at the time, came over on the Kindertransport in April 1939, lived with the Stallard-Penoyres at Bakers Mill, Chalford and went to Stroud High School. She left at the age of 17 in September 1943 and went to a college in London. 

Roger Carnt, a member of the history group, said: “She had a happy reunion with both her parents in California in 1948 – they had managed to get out of Danzig and had gone to Shanghai.”