RESIDENTS in a Stroud street want to know why an “intrusive” light has been switched back on after years of disrepair.

Residents of Sutton Gardens say the lamp, pictured, “is causing discomfort and distress” as it shines into their homes.

The light, which is attached to number 2 Sutton Gardens, has not been in use for several years and has been switched back on without any consultation of the neighbouring residents says Cllr John Marjoram (Green, Stroud Trinity).

“Residents have come to me to complain about an ‘intrusive and unnecessary’ light that shines excessively bright onto the street and the homes of neighbouring properties,” Cllr Marjoram said.

“It is most unneighbourly to not only fail to consult one’s neighbours, but to resurrect a light that is extremely bright and continues long into the night.”

Residents of Sutton Gardens feel that existing lighting was already sufficient for their needs.

A spokesman for Gloucestershire County Council says the light has been set up privately and thus was not the authority’s responsibility.

Residents’ concerns on lighting can be reported at or by calling 08000-514514.