Autumn brings not just the new school-term, but the return of many clubs and activities after the summer break.

One such activity is a hour-long sound bath and gong which promises to offer relaxation and rejuvenation.

It is held by Marisa Tommasini, a sound healer, shamanic practitioner and gong master who uses her voice, instruments and other healing techniques to help participants of her weekly sound journey sessions to gain better health.

Held weekly on Wednesdays at Rodborough Community Hall, the sessions aims to reduce stress, encourage relaxation, promote wellness and healing.

Marisa says, “Sound is the oldest and most natural form of healing known to man.

“Sound Healing restores the correct vibration to the body, mind and spirit when it is vibrating out of harmony.”

For more info, search Facebook: @gaiasoundhealing or call 07572 428097