MY mention of wasps the other week brought an intelligent and lively response.

A former school friend researched the name ‘Jasper’ and discovered there is a mineral named Jasperite which is yellow and black.

This is of course expected such a reply from a pupil at the leading grammar school in the Cotswolds.

Bob Gardiner from Chalford gave advice on how to use a decoy which diverts the attention of these flying, stinging pests.

Thanks Bob I will follow your advice next summer.

Incidentally Bob is a former pupil from Deer Park days of 50 years ago.

He has worn much better than me.

The news about wasps has just got worse.

A nest in my garden has just been discovered.

It will not be there long, as its demise has instantly been planned.

Loving nature and with a countryside upbringing, wasps are creatures without a known purpose and worse still without a known predator, unless you include the fearless aggressive Mrs Light.

They do their evil deeds with total impunity.

Perhaps adders come into the same category.

Often found sunning themselves on warm Cotswold banks they live lives not threatened by another living creature.

Working in the woods my father killed 13 in one summer and early autumn without seeking them out.

He simply encountered them and then often equipped with billhook, axe or pickaxe acted in appropriate fashion.

Are adders still numerous in Sheepscombe or Edworth Woods?

This question will remain unanswered as no research will be done into the matter.

This is written on a sunny autumn morning when our countryside is at its best.

No wasp or adder will stop me enjoying it to the full.