THERE were giants in the land in those days. There certainly were in politics.

Clement Atlee, R A Butler, Stafford Cripps, Harold Macmillan, Harold Wilson, Margaret Thatcher, the late lamented John Smith of the labour party, Paddy Ashdown and Ken Clarke offered leadership and personal stature. Yes Harold Wilson may have been too cunning for some and Mrs Thatcher did not help our core industries, but by and large these were conviction politicians. You knew where you stood.

What do we have now? What leadership is offered? I do not know the answer and I despair of finding one. We have a prime minister who at best is a charmless chancer. Where is the substance? Where is the maturity?

The Labour Party huff and puff but have no credible leadership. The Michael Foot scenario is being repeated. He and Jeremy Corbyn represent the left wing conscience of the party and sometimes need to be listened to, but should never lead.

The Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats have all in the past claimed my vote, but can a vote be confidently given to any party?

The country has been poorly governed for some years. Cameron, unable to control immigration and frightened of UKIP and led us into a referendum where far too few voted with their heads. The “Boris Bus” typified the mis-information that marred the campaign.

Negotiations with Europe were neither swift nor realistic and Prime Minister May led us into a stalemate.

The Johnson leadership has reduced the House of Commons to a shambles. His manner and language show how we lack mature government. We all, of whatever political persuasion deserve better.

Of course a General Election will come and perhaps another referendum. If we get the opportunity to vote I trust we will use more common sense than that emerging from Westminster.

There is a football charge of bringing the game into disrepute. It should be used in a wider sphere.