This week's Youth Voice column is written by Max Metcalfe, 11, who lives in Lightpill and attends Sir William Romney’s School

Hi SNJ, it is me Max again. This is a four in one! During the recent school break I went on four holidays.

First I went to Bisley in Surrey which is a shooting ground which has rifle and shotgun shooting. I took part in skeet and sporting shooting and went to a rifle range and shot a target from 25 metres with an air gun.

Then I went to Tewkesbury and we stayed for a night in a hotel that had a really warm pool and very comfy beds. While on holiday we went to Eastnor Castle, it was very big.

In all of the rooms they had huge chandeliers hanging from the roof and expensive paintings on the walls. Outside I went in their maze and got lost and then it started raining which didn’t help.

After that we went for scout camp with my new huge rucksack that Grandma and Grand Pops got for me. This was in Wales, it was a three hour journey so when we got there were ready to eat curry and then went to our tents for the first night which was really exciting.

We did lots of activities including climbing, kayaking, air rifle shooting, archery, raft building, blind fold trail and camp fires.

Even though we went to bed late and woke up really early it was great fun.

Once we came back from camp I went to Inverness on the plane with my Granny to stay at her house for a week.

We went cycling every day (total riding 30 miles ish) - on one day we went through seven fords on a 15 mile ride.

While on the ride I saw a Harley-Davidson ride out - a procession of loads of motorbikes that lasted about half an hour.

As well as the Harleys, I also saw Danny MacAskills friend and where they filmed Q Wee Day Out, (look it up on you tube if you are keen on bikes like me).

Whilst we were there my Grandad Derek taught me to play banjo and Granny took me sailing that was really fun.

Then a quick visit with my Aunty Wendy in Edinburgh - on the way home was my first flying at night time when Dad collected me.

They were all good holidays.