A Stroud chocolatier has tasted more success at this year's International Chocolate Awards.

Coco Caravan picked up two awards at the event, held in Copenhagen.

Their 100 per cent Arhuaco from Colombia picked up a silver medal in the overall category and a gold medal in the 100 per cent category.

The family-run business also picked up a prize at last year's Eurobean Festival.

Founder Jacques Cöp said: "It's been a great journey for me, six years of hard work and passion are paying off.

"The last two years of recognition is the reward for all my work."

Jacques, who founded Coco Caravan in Cardiff but moved to Stroud in 2015, only makes vegan chocolate and doesn't use any refined sugars. He also only makes raw chocolate, without roasting the cacao beans.

He said: "I come to making chocolate differently and look more at flavours and health.

"The cacao beans that I source all come from amazing social and environmental project in Central and South America. The care and passion that is put in the ground materials there, transpires through to what I do here.

"I don't roast my cacao beans, which means that no flavours are lost, and I don't have to work with the bitterness which normally occurs when you roast the beans.

"On top of that I use only natural sweeteners that aren't so overpowering. It makes the chocolate taste like chocolate and it is taking judges by surprise every time.

"This year I was lucky enough to be invited to Belize to take part in a Chocolate symposium, to talk about vegan chocolate and clever ways to make a more people and earth friendly product.

"There I was able meet cacao farmers on their land and talk to them about organic farming.

"It was a great lesson in life as in cacao making. As I grew up on a rural farm in the Netherlands, talking to them was like talking to any other farmer from my own village."

Coco Carvan's chocolate is available at Made in Stroud and they regularly have a stall at the farmers' market.

For more information go to cococaravan.co.uk