SHIFT Arts and Wellbeing festival is being held at St Laurence Church in Stroud from October 12 to October 18.

There will be 40 local artists, dancers and musicians involved in the programme which will be produced by award winning artist and mental health pioneer Robin Watkins-Davis.

Speaking about the festival, Robin said: "Art enriches our lives, provides hope, connection and allows us to shift our perspective and look at things in a new, creative way. in short, art uplifts life.

"The festival is an opportunity for everyone to come and take part or watch transformational arts and experience a 'shift' for themselves."

Fifteen charities and organisations have supported the festival locally.

It is being held on a donation-based entry with a wide variety of local art forms on show that help people with their mental health.

There will be numerous workshops such as Japanese zen art, yoga, mindful photography, illustration and drumming.

There will also be live music and spectacular dance and aerial performances.

SHIFT was initially started by Robin as she wanted to explore the change she experienced after practicing yoga and movement based arts as well as drawing and painting.

On Saturday, during the farmers market there will be live sound installation with art installation from 10am -3pm.

There are art classes and yoga workshops on Saturday such as mindful photography, illustration with Imogen Harvey Lewis, and yoga with Robin.

On Saturday evening there will be a spectacular contemporary dance performance at 8pm followed by live music from Molly Anne and at 10pm ‘Burdda Legree’ R&B and Jazz band.

The festival times are as follows:

9am – 23.00pm on Sat 12th

9am – 21.30pm on sun 13th

Mon - Thurs 7am - 9pm

Friday 18th, closing night 7am - 11pm.