Autumn time was traditionally the time for harvest celebrations, but not so much is made of these any longer.

The technology of modern agriculture has come so far - we take it for-granted that food will be readily available in the shops.

Back in the bible days the Israelites had a number of agricultural parties.

They were a people who realised their utter dependence on God.

If the soil wasn’t rich enough to provide nutrients, if the rains didn’t come to water, if the sun didn’t shine to ripen, if their health gave out so that couldn’t sow, tend or harvest they were in danger of starvation.

Jesus thought it so important that he gave us a line in the Lord’s Prayer; “give us this day our daily bread” this wasn’t intended to be spiritualised but was utterly practical - like so many of his teachings.

When society ceases to be thankful for food - it starts to lose its ability to be thankful for anything.

Sadly we seem to be living in that society right now.

We can too easily choose to bemoan our situation forgetting that we actually live in a land of plenty - a land where many people in the world would still choose to live despite our divisions.

Alongside leading a church I’m also a youth worker and I read research on what affects the lives of young people and recently there has been a push to restore an “attitude of gratitude”.

Reports have stated that when young people begin to be thankful their mental wellbeing increases - another example of society catching up with what God has already said is good.

Maybe it would be good for us all to remember that.

On a practical note why not support your local Foodbank this season - they will be very grateful for your contributions.