A COW attacked an 82-year-old man on Minchinhampton common.

Marshall Wynn was headed home after his daily walk when the incident happened earlier this month.

“The cattle were mainly lying down, resting,” he said.

“Having been out about half an hour and homeward bound I noticed a young cow some 30 yards away from me and glaring in an aggressive manner. “Having been quite used to cattle, I was not in any way concerned.

“However, she charged at me at full speed. I shouted and waved my arms to no avail, she simply ducked her head down, hitting me full in the stomach and pelvis, tossing me over her back like a rag doll.

“On raising my head, I saw the cow was making her second run at me, no doubt to stomp on me.

“I again shouted and waved my arms, which caused her to stop. I managed to get up onto my knees but again she became aggressive so I decided to stay down and remain passive.

“After a short while she decided to give up and slowly moved away.

“It was then I noticed that two young calves came trotting up to their mum, then they all then slowly moved away from me.

“I managed to get to my feet and continued a very slow and painful journey home.

“My wife contacted the hayward and reported the incident.”

Mr Wynn suffered a cracked pelvis as a result of the attack.

Mark Dawkins, hayward for Rodborough and Minchinhampton commons, told the SNJ that maternal cattle can sometimes act aggressively.

“I would advise people that they need to be cautious around the cattle,” said Mr Dawkins, who is responsible for the well-being of stock on the commons.

“Cows with calves can become anxious and we get the odd attack from time to time.”