Sewing is in Gabrielle Martin-Goff’s heritage. Inheriting her great-grandmother’s

sewing machine set her on course for the pastime that has become a passion as well as a very promising little business.

Gabrielle is the proprietor of Sew Little which produces handmade baby and children’s clothes as well as reusable accessories

such as make up wipes and sanitary liners.

“I loved vintage things and my Nan thought I’d like the machine so I tried using it and it still worked So I started teaching

myself to sew,” the 21-year-old seamstress says. 

Five years on and this summer Gabrielle became Young Market Trader of the Year for the south-west region.

“It’s an escape from my busy day job as a senior nursery assistant and I love being able to create custom garments for beautiful

children,” says Gabrielle.

True to form as a Stroud resident, Gabrielle is also mindful of waste.

“I also love that I’m helping the environment with my reusable products.”

It was when Gabrielle started to make  so much stuff that her parents said She should try selling her creations.

“ I had a little Christmas market stall at Stroud Goodwill five years ago now, where I made a good profit - then I got the


So what does The aspiring 21year-old enjoy making the most?

“My favourite item to make are joggers. They are quick to make and rewarding as they look great when finished. 

But operating her own enterprise has been a learning curve for the 21-year-old.

“I have learnt that running a business takes time, but each and every order puts a smile on my face and makes me proud of

what I do.” She says contentedly. 

Attention to detail and making individual unique pieces is Gabrielle’s forte. 

“Most of my customers like to know they are getting something custom made, that they have been able to choose the fabrics


They like that I go above and beyond to find the perfect fabric from them, sometimes sourcing from Poland.”

With such promise and flair I wonder how long it will be until the nursery worker at Treetops Day Nursery in Cheltenham will

stay in her day job.

“ I work with children from 6 months to 18 months and I love it. 

“At the moment, I am enjoying the balance between my babies and my sewing, but it doesn’t leave much room for down time. 

But, my plans for the future include continuing with markets and increase my social media presence and Etsy shop.”

For the time being Gabrielle sells At many markets, from Stroud Christmas markets to Ross on Wye. 

Her favourite market every year is the National Youth Market. 

“The competition aspect allows me to push myself and I always sell really well,” she says. 

That she won the south West region and represented the area at the national finals on August bank holiday weekend reflects


She is one to watch.

Find out more via; Instagram

- sewlittlegaby or Sew Little’s Etsy ship SewLittleByGabrielle