A PILE of rubbish, including an old sofa and a toilet, has been fly-tipped at a beauty spot near Stroud.

Stroud District wardens found the litter dumped in Edge today.

In two hours, the pair also rounded up four dumped tyres, duvets, a radiator, car parts, rugs and clothing.

Arrangements have been made for the removal of the rubbish.

A spokesman from Stroud District Council said: “We take fly-tipping very seriously.

“We clear between 900 and 1,000 fly tips annually and will always prosecute where appropriate, whilst less serious cases are dealt with by way of a £300 fixed penalty.

"Unfortunately, in many cases, it is difficult to obtain sufficient evidence to identify those responsible for fly-tipping crimes.

"In order to do this, we need evidence from fly tipped waste, CCTV footage, or witness accounts.

"In many cases, the council relies on information provided by local residents and we would urge anyone who has information about unlawful waste disposal of any kind to report it to us via the council website www.stroud.gov.uk/report/report-fly-tipping-dumped-litter.”