A WOMAN who was taken to hospital after being knocked down by a car would like to thank the people who came to her aid.

Gabriel Millar was crossing the road at the clock tower at the top of George Street in Stroud on September 22 when the accident happened.

It was a rainy Sunday morning at around 11am and she was on her way to meet a friend.

“I didn’t even know I'd been hit," she said.

"I woke up in Gloucester Royal Hospital seven hours later.

"I would like to thank with all my heart the people who helped me: the one who rang the police and the ambulance, the one who laid flowers there, thinking I’d been killed."

"Pam, the manager of Peacock's, who put a whole pile of clothes over me as I lay in the road in the rain.

"And the two PCs, Drewett and Evans, who came to the house and described what they’d seen on the CCTV camera."

Using CCTV, the police managed to find the 86-year-old driver of the car and took away his licence.

"They explained that I had an option to prosecute, hit and run being a criminal offence," said Ms Millar.

"I declined that option."

Ms Millar said she harbours no ill-feeling towards the man and would even like to meet up with him for a chat.

"When I’m up and running I would like to invite the elderly gentleman for coffee in town and thank him for driving slowly on that Sunday morning.

"I can understand that, as he told the police, he didn’t see me in the rain in a dark cagoule."

Ms Millar is recovering well.

"The pain is receding and so are the concussion symptoms," she said.

"I have no intention of dying this week."