Molly Scott Cato has reiterated the importance of the upcoming general election one year on from the Extinction Rebellion launch.

Molly, who is Green MEP for the South West and parliamentary candidate for Stroud, spoke at the Extinction Rebellion launch demonstration with Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot in London on October 31, 2018.

Speaking from her general election campaign in Stroud, Molly said: ‘It was a proud day when I was able to join the extraordinary Greta Thunberg in Parliament Square just a year ago to launch the Extinction Rebellion.

"The campaign has catapulted climate change to the top of the political agenda and if we find a way forward for human civilisation that event may be seen as pivotal.

"As an MEP I see how civil disobedience, combined with a huge increase in green votes, has put the European green deal at the heart of the EU commission work program for the next five years."

"The general election on December 12 must be a climate election.

"We have only 10 years to protect life on earth and we will be electing MPs to serve us for half of that time on that day.

"It is vital that we elect more Green MPs to sit alongside Caroline Lucas."