TWO successful bike projects - Access Bike and Wheels for All - came together to celebrate three years of community-led, inclusive cycling.

The Access Bike Project creates opportunities for young people in Stroud to learn how fix and maintain second hand bikes.

The project team have created a vibrant youth community around cycling, that welcomes and supports everybody to join in fixing bikes, going for rides and upcycling projects.

They have has restored hundreds of bikes that would otherwise have ended up as landfill.

The workshop opened three years ago, and participants learn mechanics and have the opportunity to be mentored too.

Wheels for All in Gloucester provides cycling opportunities for individuals with reduced or little mobility.

There are also opportunities for those lacking confidence or with physical, mental, learning or sensory disabilities.

It has a range of trikes, tandem trikes and companion trikes, hand cycles and companion hand cycles, a quad bike and side-by-side bike and wheelchair cycles and wheelchair transporters.

The two projects got together for a shared three-year anniversary celebration, involving pedal-powered smoothies, a mini-bike race, plenty of cake plus encouragement from all the speakers.

Both projects are now welcoming others to get involved.

To volunteer to help out at the Access Bike workshop visit:

And more for details on Wheels For All, send an email to: or phone 07393 867572.