THE Liberal Democrats will not be putting forward a Stroud District candidate for the upcoming General Election.

The Lib Dems and the Green Party have formed a 'Unite to Remain' pact, agreeing not to stand against each other in dozens of seats in England.

Both parties support another Brexit referendum and want the UK to remain in the EU.

Their pact means that in certain constituencies one party will agree not to field a candidate, improving the other candidate's chances of picking up Remain votes.

As a result of this, in the Stroud District, Lib Dem candidate George has stood down to make way for Green Party candidate, Molly Scott Cato.

Ms Scott Cato said: "I am delighted that the Lib Dems have provided this enormous boost to the Remain campaign."

David Drew, Labour and Cooperative party candidate for Stroud said: “As the candidate who can actually deliver a real action on the climate crisis with our Green Industrial Revolution plan, as well as give people the final say on Brexit with a referendum, I’ll be pleased to welcome former Lib Dem and Green supporters.

“The only way to avoid a Tory Brexit, and let the people have their say, is to vote Labour and defeat the Tories,” said Mr Drew, who voted and campaigned for remain and backs a public vote on a renegotiated deal.

David Drew won the Stroud seat in 2017 with 29,994 votes (47%), beating the Conservative candidate, who polled 29,307 (45.9%).

The Lib Dem’s polled 2,053 (3.2%) and the Green candidate polled 1,423 (2.2%).

Members of the public have until midnight on Tuesday, November 26, to register to vote.

Stroud candidates announced so far: David Drew - Labour; Molly Scott Cato - Green; Siobhan Baillie - Conservative; Glenville Gogerly - Libertarian, and Desi Latimer - Brexit party.