A FURIOUS taxi driver has hit out at an “over zealous” parking warden who fined him £70 when he got out of his vehicle for three minutes to help an elderly customer.

Nigel Cooke, 51, who works for Freebs Taxis in Nailsworth,‎ left his cab so he could help a woman with limited mobility into the car.

He pulled up at Wheelwright’s Corner, opposite Brutons’ hardware store, so he could help his customer down the exterior stairway from Essentially You Beauty Clinic.

But as he helped her, a passing warden slapped a parking ticket on his windscreen.

“I was literally parked there for three minutes whilst I collected a client who really struggles to walk,” said Nigel.

“There was no reasoning with him.

“He said I was obstructing the footpath and to a degree I was, but there was still room for people to walk past without having to step into the road.”

Describing the warden as ‘over zealous’, Nigel added: “I understand he has a job to do, but he really couldn’t get the ticket on my screen quick enough.”

The incident took place on Wednesday morning at 11.30am.

Mr Cooke said that most of his vehicle was parked on Wheelwright’s Corner, which is a private road, and as such is beyond the jurisdiction of the warden.

“Where I was parked, I was probably obstructing a little bit, but it didn’t stop people walking past from the pavement to the opposite side,” he said.

On street parking in Nailsworth is enforced by APCOA, under licence from Gloucestershire County Council.

A Gloucestershire County Council spokesperson said: “We’re sorry to hear this taxi driver was unhappy with his experience with a civil enforcement officer. We take these concerns very seriously and will be fully investigating the matter.

“The PCN can be challenged by following the instructions on the reverse of the ticket and if an appeal is submitted we will consider all points raised and respond appropriately.”

A spokesperson from APCOA said: “APCOA enforces on-street parking restrictions in accordance with the guidelines set by our contract with Gloucestershire County Council.

“Residents who feel they may have received an improper parking charge are able to have their situation reviewed by the council.

“APCOA is an approved operator under British Parking Association guidelines and operates a code of practice for fair enforcement practices.”