Extinction Rebellion is aiming for the Christmas No1 slot after releasing its debut song about climate change.

The protest group has teamed up with rock band The Jade Assembly to produce a track called 'Time for Change'.

Urging listeners to "act now", the lyrics call for action on climate change "before we're all dead".

The track's video features footage from protests across the globe over the past six months.

Doctored news clips show the House of Parliament on fire, Downing Street flooded and MPs including Theresa May wearing gas masks.

Lead vocalist John Foster sings: "So whether you're a lucky man, a banker or a broken man, I'm standing here for everyone whose never too afraid to say - we need you now, we need voices.

"A time to look ahead and now a time before we're all dead, come on, it's time for a change.

"I need everyone to be with me and I need everyone in here tonight to be themselves, so come on."

Amongst the protesters pictured in the video is Stroud's Gail Bradbrook, one of the founders of Extinction Rebellion, seen hammering a window.

The Jade Assembly wrote the song in response to the UK government's reaction to climate change.

The band's manager Mick Watson sent the song to Bradbrook, who commissioned the Extinction Rebellion art department to create a music video with protest footage alongside the band.

Mick said: "The Jade Assembly have always been passionate about the climate crisis and they penned this song out of frustration with the speed and the way our politicians dealt with the crisis.

"The song is a swipe at the politicians and a plea to other people to 'come on' board as the chorus says.

"I sent it to Gail a month ago and straight away she agreed that its an anthem for them, she thinks it's amazing, and she immediately got some footage together for the video.

"Roger Hallam, the other founder of Extinction Rebellion, loves the song and they both agreed we must get this to be Christmas number 1 after such a great year for Extinction Rebellion.

"The best impact for us is for people to hear the song and watch the video and then think about the last 20 years on Earth and the speed in which floods, tidal waves and earthquakes have picked up.

"This is a climate emergency and we want to use our musical message to let people know these are serious times and we need to address this situation before it's too late."

The Jade Assembly is a four man rock band from Bolton, Lancashire, who hit the music scene back in 2016.

'Time for Change' is due to be released at the start of December.

The song will appear on their debut album 'Rock n Roll Nearly Killed Me' which is due for release in March 2020 and features a collaboration with UB40 saxophonist Brian Travers.