STROUD Town Council is looking for groups to 'adopt' four public payphones.

BT is proposing to removal the public payphones at Folly Lane/Thompson Road, Bisley Road, Farmhill Lane/Paganhill Lane and Parliament Street. They have had very little use over a significant period.

“We would also like to hear from local groups that may be interested in adopting any of the payphones for community projects,” said Town Clerk Helen Bojaniwska. “Please contact us before the closing date with your ideas.”

In 2012, the Town Council supported a residents' group in Summer Street to adopt a phone box.

If a phone box is adopted BT transfers ownership to the Town Council. Then the Council works with the community groups.

Demand for public telephone boxes has fallen as mobile phone use has grown, with calls made from BT phone boxes having dropped by around 90 per cent in the past decade.

The town council would like to hear people’s views on the proposed removal of these boxes or if community groups would like to 'adopt' them.

Please contact the assistant clerk at or call 01453 762817 – closing date December 2.