FOREST GREEN chairman Dale Vince has categorically refuted claims that head coach Mark Cooper called Leyton Orient interim boss Ross Embleton an “imposter”.

Embleton was sent to the stands in the 15th minute, in the aftermath of Rovers’ opening goal, for reacting to Cooper’s alleged comments.

He said: “I got told I was an imposter in terms of being in and around the environment that I’m in.

“I can accept that bit, but to follow it up with ‘who I do I think I am? Justin Edinburgh?’ is something that I’ll never accept."

Vince insists Embleton’s post-match comments were wide of the mark in the wake of Rovers’ 4-2 victory in the capital.

Vince said: “Mark (Cooper) denies saying this or anything like it, he and Justin (Edinburgh) were close friends.

“The referee and fourth official have both confirmed this evening that they heard nothing said and the fact that the Leyton’s manager was sent off for throwing something at our bench after the first goal was scored. Their manager needs to look at himself for the reason for his behaviour.”

However, Embleton felt he deserved his red card, he added: "I got sent off for throwing chewing gum at him and ultimately that is what I deserve. But, it was either that or do something even more aggressive which would have been even more naive.

"It was the best way to deal with at that moment in time."

Forest Green added a further statement on their website, saying:  "Forest Green Rovers are aware of the serious allegations made on social media and in the post-match interviews regarding comments reported to be made by our manager during today’s game.

"The club firmly denies these accusations and will cooperate fully with Leyton Orient in any investigation that may come in the wake of the game. 

"Justin was a close friend of the manager and deserves the utmost respect."