Stroud's WASPI women have lent their support to the Labour Party after Boris Johnson said he could not 'magic up' money for the organisation.

The Prime Minister made the comment on Question Time that he could not 'magic up' money for the 1950s-born women who fell into poverty by the sudden dramatic change to their state pension age.

Stroud's WASPI women (Women Against State Pension Injustice) turned out in the town centre the morning after Johnson made the comments to lend their support to Stroud's Labour candidate David Drew.

Labour has pledged to compensate nearly four million women who lost out on thousands of pounds with the pension changes in their manifesto.

Coordinator Elizabeth Stanley said: "David Drew has always listened to us and supported us. We are mentioned in the Labour Party Manifesto with a promise of recompense.

"Elections are never single-issue but WASPI women in general are feeling badly let down by Johnson, who implied during the leadership contest that he would aim to compensate the 1950s-born women. The Green Party and the Liberal Democrats have included those issues in their manifesto and some WASPI women will wish to vote Green with there being no Lib Dem candidate in Stroud."