NINE climate activists on hunger strike have said they will go without food for a second week in a bid to get political leaders to act on the environmental crisis.

More than 520 people in 28 countries joined Extinction Rebellion’s global hunger strike which began a week ago.

Campaigners signed up to go without food for seven days, but nine strikers in London plan to continue.

They have based themselves outside party political headquarters in the capital.

Today, on what is the eighth day of the strike, Extinction Rebellion co-founder Gail Bradbrook, who lives in Stroud, paid the remaining strikers a visit.

The campaigners are asking all political parties to support their 'Three Demands Bill' and have requested filmed one hour meetings with party leaders to discuss their support. 

They say the Conservatives and the Brexit Party have yet to respond.

The Three Demands Bill calls for the Government to declare an emergency, commit to zero emissions by 2025 and create a Citizens’ Assembly to set out how this can be achieved.

Dr Larch Maxey, a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion, said: “This UK Climate Hunger Strike will continue until all parties support The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.

"We’re getting closer daily to Extinction Rebellion’s demands being met, leaders are saying they support the Bill and are committing to the Citizens’ Assembly leading Parliament with mandatory powers.

"These are major steps forward and we need these meetings to ensure their support is rock solid and results in the Bill becoming law.”

Petra, Marco, Monty, Ferhat, Peter, Yves, Jeremy, Steve and Julian entered their second week of hunger strike today.

Striker Petra Metzger, 37, said: “We can’t give up, it’s the election in just over two weeks.

"We must reach the people in power to recognise that all of us are vulnerable.

"We need to come together as people and work out what we need to do together in this climate and ecological emergency.”