FORGET Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan - Stroud has its very own Autumn Watch.

Stroud Valley primary school has joined forces with members of conservation project Hedgehog Republic to create a fascinating video record of the autumn wildlife in their neighbourhood.

Thirty-six cameras have been capturing the night time adventures of badgers, foxes, hedgehogs, mice, rats, roe and muntjac deer over the last two weeks.

Gabriel Kyne, founder of Hedgehog Republic, said: “In one case we caught a fox and badger who regularly hang out together and travel through the gardens around Castle Street.

“In another case we found deer climbing on garage roofs to eat yew leaves.

“These fascinating interactions are some of the really great aspects of the project.”

Ebony, one of the pupils involved in the project said: “We set up cameras to see what was living in our grounds.

“We saw badgers, foxes, moth, dogs and cats.”

Another student, Memhet said: “We got to do everything ourselves. We worked really hard. We saw two moths, one dog, one fox, two badgers, but no hedgehogs.”

And pupil Tilley added: “It is really interesting to see what animals come to the school at night.”

Stroud Valley deputy head Sarah Heague said: “This was a fantastic educational project where we covered maths, science, technology and local geography.

"This type of project is exactly what inspires our students.”

To see Stroud's Autumn Watch videos visit:

Hedgehog Republic will be continuing to map Stroud's wildlife through the seasons and are inviting people with interesting nature sites to contact them for future opportunities.

To get involved contact Gabriel Kyne at: