A warning has been issued that a man is pretending to be a taxi driver.

Stroud police have received information that a male is pretending to be a taxi driver. There are concerns about his motives if he is acting as an unlicensed taxi driver and picking up females to drive home.

PCSO Nicola Wood said: "If you are needing to get a taxi please make sure that you pre book where possible and make sure they are licensed."

A spokesperson for Stroud District Council said: "Getting into an unlicensed taxi or private hire vehicle could leave you in a very vulnerable position should anything go wrong.

"If you get into a Private Hire Vehicle without pre-booking it, for example if you stop it in the street,you may not be covered by insurance.

"All Stroud District licensed drivers have to go through various checks and tests to make sure they are suitable and fit to drive members of the public.

"The vehicles are also checked regularly to ensure they are safe and have the right in insurance.

"Taxis can be pre-booked or can be picked up at a taxi rank or flagged down in the street. Private Hire Vehicles must be booked in advance."