Farmers' market news with Gerb Gerbrands.

Ooh I had a little shiver there as I typed the December date onto the heading of the column - it is December and a (another) tempestuous year draws to a close.

Thank goodness there are some things in this world that are simple and reliably good and honest. Thank goodness for our wonderful farmers’ market and the Shambles market and the uplifting vibe in Stroud on a Saturday morning!

We hope to be getting December off on a good footing with the Goodwill Evening in Stroud this Friday from 5-9pm.

As well as our magical Christmas Market at the Cornhill, which features its usual array of fine arts and crafts and delicious hot food and mulled cider and wine under the lights, the lantern procession will wind its way around the town and all our good shops will be open with special treats and offers for customers.

We hope you will all join the whole town in celebrating the essence of Goodwill to all!

Saturday’s Farmers’ market will be large, to say the least! No stallholder will be away in December, you can be sure of that!

The Happy Gut Hut has perfected a special mulled Christmas blend Kombucha which will be warm and delicious, there is another chance to order organic turkeys from Cefn Maen Farm (free range from Madgett’s), Julian Harvard returns with table decorations, wreaths and foliage bunches and Faithfull’s Christmas cakes and puddings will be there plus everyone you would expect.

I must also mention Hobbs House mince pies? My favourites!