THIS is the most important election of our lifetimes.

This election will determine whether we will keep our place at the heart of Europe and on the world stage.

And whether we will take urgent action in time to save our climate.

Your vote here in Stroud is absolutely crucial.

We have to listen to scientists who are telling us that we risk dangerous climate change and mass extinctions.

They tell us we only have a decade to turn things around.

The Parliament we are electing on December 12 will hold power in our country for half that time.

What we need is action and the Green Party has the single most ambitious and comprehensive plan to go carbon neutral by 2030 while delivering social justice across Britain.

It’s called the Green New Deal and it will mean a future Britain where we create good quality jobs in all our communities.

Where we end winter deaths from cold and ensure everybody has a warm home.

Where we open up our cities to walkers and cyclists and banish air so toxic it chokes you to death.

This election is also about Brexit.

Stroud voted strongly to Remain in the EU in 2016 and earlier this year in the European Elections the Greens received nearly 30 per cent of the vote.

What Stroud needs now is an MP determined to Stop Brexit.

At this moment of crisis, sitting on the fence is not good enough.

Misleading voters that there is a better Brexit to be negotiated is not good enough. Failing to commit to Remain in any future People’s Vote is not good enough.

We also need to build a better kind of politics. I am standing as part of Unite to Remain, a cooperation to ensure we elect strongly pro-Remain MPs to Parliament by supporting each other in different seats.

The Liberal Democrats have stood aside for me in Stroud and we have done the same for them in Cheltenham.

For a small town, Stroud has a huge reputation. We are known as pioneers, as creative thinkers, as dreamers who imagine a better future and then work to make it a reality. We are bold and brave.

That’s why I believe Stroud has the vision and the commitment to elect a Green MP to join Caroline Lucas in Parliament. If not now, when? If not here in Stroud, then where?