I HAVE lived in Stroud for 12 years. I work with international companies to develop ocean energy projects but I joined politics this year because of the betrayal of the referendum result by Westminster.

I am proud to be standing for a clean-break Brexit and common-sense politics.

Boris Johnson’s deal will not get Brexit done. The transition period will last until at least the end of 2020 when he can leave by cutting Northern Ireland loose. Otherwise it’s extendable for indeterminate years, during which we become a non-voting associate, tied to EU rules with no voice and no veto. Paying £39bn rising to £79bn.

The Conservatives have had three years failing to deliver Brexit.

They now want to be rewarded with another five.

If Stroud votes Tory or Labour, we will be another inconsequential vote amongst hundreds of others perpetuating same old politics.

Brexit is an opportunity to change politics for good. To end the polarising two-party system that disenfranchises so many. Make Parliament serve the people whose legitimate grievances have been ignored.

We believe that Britain will prosper post-Brexit. We share the values of an outward looking globalist Britain.

We will cut the cost of living by ending VAT on domestic fuel and reduce tariffs to zero on food and clothing items sourced outside the EU.

There will be no privatisation of the NHS. It must remain publicly-owned and free at the point of use. We will ring-fence the NHS budget and the tax revenues that pay for it.

In education, we will abolish student loan interest to remove anxiety about the cost of going to university.

We will abolish corporation tax for businesses with pre-tax profits of less than £10,000. This will benefit one million or 66 per cent of companies in the UK.

See our pledges at thebrexitparty.org/contract

As an entrepreneur, I would prioritise self-employment, start-ups and small businesses. Together they comprise 89 per cent of businesses in Stroud and form the backbone of our local economy. I would bring investment to generate sustainable jobs locally instead of making people travel to work.

Ultimately, on issues outside Brexit, I will represent the Stroud of Independent Spirit, breaking the mould of traditional Westminster party games.

Make your vote count.