WHEN I first became aware of politics in the 1980s I realised just how it can affect our everyday lives.

It was a time when young people like myself had a feeling of optimism and the feeling that we could achieve anything we wanted to. Before this as a young child in the 1970s, I can remember the dark days of 1978 when the then Labour Government presided over the winter of discontent and seeing people forced to work only a three day week and rubbish piled up in the streets with vermin in abundance and regular power cuts.

I have always said that I will not let this happen again.

This is why I am standing as your Libertarian Party candidate for Stroud.

There is a very real danger that a Jeremy Corbyn led government would bring us back to those dark days.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.

I have always believed that we need to leave the EU so as a nation we can trade with countries world wide on our terms and to leave an organisation that is outside our nation but presumes to legislate for us.

So yes, I am a Brexit supporting candidate and I led the Leave campaign in Stroud as the Vote Leave constituency coordinator and referendum agent.

We, the Libertarian Party have a positive plan for the future governance of the UK. With the shenanigans of the past three years in parliament our parliamentary system is broken. I strongly believe we need a written constitution that makes you sovereign, not parliament.

A federal style government based on the Swiss model by devolving government closer to you with the formation of The Confederation Of Free States Of Britain.

We have a full manifesto with policies on education, health, defence, policing, monetary, housing, transport, immigration and many more which were all voted for by our members for inclusion in our manifesto.

I have lived in the Stroud constituency since 2004 and I know the area.

If elected I would aim to work hard to represent you the people of Stroud.

I have always been a strong leader and influencer and have worked in the retail sector all my life mostly in a management role.

I have two daughters and I want them and all your children to have a bright strong future in a free market economy nation with low tax and small government.