WRESTLING is not a sport for the faint-hearted, but for its fans there will be non-stop action at the Stroud Subscription Rooms next month.

South West Wrestling are hosting the slamtastic extravaganza on Sunday, March 8.

The event will feature a raft of top bone-crunchers, including Stroud’s very own Dan Splash, who will be fighting at the venue for a second time.

Promoter and former 80s World of Sport wrestler Pete Bainbridge said: “It’s such a pleasure to come back to these venues I used to wrestle at 30 years ago and bring back wrestling to the people, not only in the way I remember it being, but also how the crowd remember it with still plenty for the new fans.

“We will bring you the high-flying stuff of today along with traditional matches for the wrestling fan of old in our Brit Pro Cup challenge, there will be a ladies match for the first time ever at this venue.

“There will be seven bouts and a meet and greet to follow the show to give children a chance to get picture and autographs with all the stars.”

Tickets available from the https://thesubrooms.co.uk/event/live-wrestling/